Students Aid Programme

The objective of this far-sighted programme is to keep disadvantaged children in school. With a budget of RM4 million per year, its holistic approach addresses every aspect of a primary student's educational requirements, from equipping them for the new school year and arranging meals in school to paying their school and tuition fees.

Even more important is the attention given to the personal development of every student under the Students Aid Programme (SAP). The Eco World Foundation conducts home visits to check on their home life and give parents moral support. Motivational Camps are held every year to prepare Year 6 students for the UPSR examination. Students' achievements are also acknowledged and celebrated by the Foundation together with their parents during the annual UPSR Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Students that achieve good results in the UPSR examination are eligible to apply for a continuation in the SAP to secondary education and subsequently to tertiary level as well. The SAP has 2,600 primary, 400 secondary and 16 tertiary students under its care.