About Us

The Eco World Foundation was established on 7 May 2014 under the auspices of Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld) to serve as a platform for the Group to fulfil its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Foundation aims to undertake humanitarian projects with the mission of mitigating social-shortcomings in areas of education and literacy, health and well-being, poverty and lack of community infrastructure; regardless of race, religion and ethnicity.

The core focus of the Eco World Foundation is education and it is channelled through its Eco World Students Aid Programme (SAP). This programme provides financial assistance to 3,000 underprivileged primary and secondary students in hopes of assisting them to achieve their full academic potential and improve living standards.

Under the SAP, school, tuition and computer fees are subsidised and students' uniforms, stationery, workbooks and canteen meals are also paid for. To ensure that the programme's objectives are met, the Foundation actively and frequently engages with students and parents through activities such as UPSR Motivation Camp, learning trips, UPSR Excellence Award Ceremony, Dialogue with Parents, Career Talk and home visits.

Apart from championing education, the Eco World Foundation also contributes to needy Malaysians by providing financial donations and aiding less fortunate communities towards the betterment of their health and living conditions.